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Savior in shining armor: Stainless steel

Autor: ernst arndt - Datum: May 02, 2012 07:08:12 AM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

We are surrounded by the uses of stainless steel. Look at the spoon, fork or knife we use while eating, utensils in which we cook food or serve it. All these household items are made from stainless steel. Ever wondered, why do we use this metal so much? The answer is here. Its non- corrosive, non- rusting and water stain-proof qualities make this metal stand out from other contemporaries. It is a form of iron, rather a purified and combined form of iron. It includes many other metals which add to the non- rusting and non corrosive characteristics. Let’s take a quick look at its history and how people started using this metal and where all do they use it apart from household items. Its stain proof quality has earned it this name. A French scientist named Leon Gillet was the first one to document the constitution of this metal in the year 1904. Though he noted down its properties and composition, he did not notice the non- corrosive feature of this metal, but in the year 1911 Philip Monnartz, a scientist from Germany first time published a detailed paper on the corrosion resistance of this metal. In 1912, Eduard Maurer and Benno Strauss, who worked at Krupp Iron Works in Germany, patented the first austenitic stainless steel of a 21% chromium and 7% nickel combination named as ThyssenKrupp Nirosta. Harry Brearley patented the first martenstic stainless in 1913. He referred it as “rust less steel”. (Source “Wikipedia”)

This metal has some really amazing characteristics such as follows: it is non-toxic, rust-resistant, in addition it is zinc and lead-free. It is easy to clean and hence very much hygienic so it can be used in medical field for making plates and nuts which may remain inside our body. Stainless steel pipes (German word: edelstahlrohre ) can also be used for flowing water, gas from one place to other. They are also used in the readymade food factories where the food items directly come into contact with the machines; hence edelstahlrohre are placed there. These pipes can be easily cleaned and maintained that way. Wherever hygiene is involved with the machines and industry, stainless steel pipes are the only option. They offer the highest degree of hygiene along with non- rusting and non- corrosive property, which no other metal can offer.


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