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Stainless-steel pipes contain corrosion-resistant properties

Autor: achim arnim - Datum: May 05, 2012 04:16:16 AM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials for piping. Stainless-steel pipes comprise of certain properties that make it reliable and essential for various industries. The main purpose of a steel pipe is to transport water and gas aside from a number of other substances. Since stainless-steel pipes have unique properties that make it durable and resistant to corrosion, they can be used underground, and placed within walls. Steel pipes are also popularly used in industrial plants and laboratories. There is a wide variety of steel pipes, each with different features and characteristics. Listed below are some of the most commonly used steel pipes.

1. 304

A stainless-steel pipe can be classified as 304 type stainless-steel only if its carbon rating is 0.8 or less. 304 type stainless-steel is used for general corrosive resistance and can be used at temperatures below a temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Such type of stainless-steel is used in refineries, chemical plants and food processing locations.

2. 304L

With a carbon rating of .03 or less, 304L type stainless-steel is used in places where stainless-steel pipes are welded in various corrosive conditions.

3. 318

318 type of stainless-steel produces a higher resistance to corrosive effects of acids and brines as molybdenum is added to the stainless-steel mixture before it is poured.

4. 316L

The 316L type of stainless steel, with a carbon rating of .03 per cent or less, does not require a heat treatment when it is used in welded pipe assemblies. 316L type of stainless-steel is largely used in chemical plants and the paper industry.

Steel pipes are common is industries as they can be manufactured in almost any length. Stainless-steel pipes (German Word: edelstahlrohr)are manufactured in three basic methods including seamless pipes, welded pipes and cast pipes.

Steel pipes are more popular than other piping forms as they are more durable and have the capacity to withstand high amounts of pressure without cracking. Aside from its durability, edelstahlrohr do not require much maintenance and are resistant to rust, chemical interaction and corrosion.

To increase resistance to corrosion, galvanized steel is coated with zinc. Steel pipes are also not too expensive and are generally corrosion-resistant which is why most industries and chemical plants it to other forms of piping.


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