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How to pickle stainless steel pipes?

Autor: bettinal arnim - Datum: May 07, 2012 09:20:34 AM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

PVC, Copper, Aluminum, plastic ,stainless steel pipes are some of the varied types of pipes available. Stainless steel pipes are used in construction, petrochemical, food, clinical, automotive industries and also for municipal and decorative purposes. Depending on the diameter of the pipe the wall thickness can vary greatly. Those thin walled pipes could be cut using a simple hand saw where as a thick one requires the use of specialized tools.

There are a wide variety of choices used to pickle stainless steel pipes. One can use a pickle cream and with not much hassle a steel pipe can be thus pickled. Firstly you need to wait for the metal to cool down to at the most of 104 degree Fahrenheit. Now shake the container with pickling cream for about 30 seconds to ensure that you get the best balance in your blend. Dip your nylon brush into a container which has got the pickling cream.

Now start painting the cream on to the surface of your stainless steel pipe. Set the mouth part of the saw blade with its sharp ridges on the dotted line with the saw parallel to the floor. Pull the saw’s trigger slightly to start the blade moving slowly. Keep the aligned saw blade with the dotted line as you cut. Stop cutting if the stainless steel starts to glow in dull orange color. Slide one end of a half round file into the cut end of the stainless steel exhaust and now just push the file around the insides of the pipes to remove the burr left from the reciprocating saw. Cut in such a manner so that you can cut out a smooth outer edge.

Apart from pickling the varied applications of stainless steel pipe (In German : edelstahlrohr ) fittings is much more in varied industries. For cost effective and high performance you must opt for the stainless steel pipes. The welded variety is a great option for many purposes. It is very difficult to find authentic stainless steel fittings of pipe in the consumer market. Hence search in the internet carefully and choose a store that offers stainless steel pipe and materials that would prove to be useful for you .

Always opt for those kind of pipe fittings which are of the non contaminating variety which is perfect for research plants and other pharmaceutical activities. Indeed with the majority of companies opting for manufacturing the stainless steel pipe (In German : edelstahlrohr ) you might need to search for the best company among them before opting to buy the pipes from them.


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