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Stainless-steel pipes and their purposes

Autor: bettinal arnim - Datum: May 09, 2012 08:38:10 AM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

The non corrosive nature of stainless steel coupled with its strength and luster has made it the metal of choice for many manufacturers. Stainless-steel pipe (In German : Edelstahlrohr ) are tubes that are used for a myriad of purposes like construction, art and other civic amenities including transporting gas, water and sewage. The malleability of steel also makes it ideal for use in many applications unlike PVC or fiberglass which are more rigid.

There are four types of pipes made out of steel – line, structural, standard and plumbing. Depending on

the nature of use and how sturdy you need the project to be, anyone of the four can be utilized. Line pipes are usually applied in industrial frameworks. They are used in work that requires high resistance and durability, for instance, in transporting gas and combustible liquids. Structural pipes are used for infrastructural purposes. Standard stainless-steel pipes, like line pipes, are also used in the transportation of gases and other liquids. As for plumbing tubes, their use is confined for the distribution of water to homes and commercial establishments.

One of the most valuable aspects of Stainless-steel pipe (In German : Edelstahlrohr ) is their ability to be recycled 100 percent. As such, a lot of resources, money and time can be saved in recycling used pipes rather than constructing them from new materials. Since steel doesn’t rust, it also makes it ideal for use in applications where other metals cannot withstand decomposition.


The aviation industry makes use of steel for several components in aircrafts. Strong and durable, it can withstand pressure and other forces better than other metals.


While there aren’t many stainless steel cars, the metal has been used in the making of several components or at least as a coating substance.


Artists have created beautiful monuments and structures of artistic value over the years. Since steel can be molded, it is relatively easy to work with. Its luster also adds to its appeal.

As you can see, steel is one of the most valuable metals we have, not so much in terms of monetary value but more to do with utilitarian purposes. Its affordable nature also means that it can be used more widely.


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