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Lighting: the latest trends and creative materials

Autor: Mackenzie Friel - Datum: January 29, 2013 10:46:39 AM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

The discovery of the incredible potential and the many opportunities that offer new sources, has led to a revolution in the field of lighting. The applications are as varied greatly and reveal a profound creativity.

The multiple types of lamps and lights that now flood the market, it is far from easy in terms of lighting the right choice. The offer ranges from halogen to compact fluorescent tubes and all types have their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of brightness, energy, distinguishing colors and longevity. So make standard incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps for warm colors. Halogen lamps emit a balanced light. With fluorescent tubes can then very flexibly to the different needs that each of the rooms in the house in the field of enlightenment. T5 fluorescent lamps with a diameter of 16 mm are a true success story. The kreon side of the story is even more interesting with a number of kreon light adorning the market. Surprisingly light

Year after year the successful lighting manufacturers managed by surprise coming: ever smaller, more economical in consumption and technology to a higher level. Halogen lamps continue to perform very well because of their very bright light, as well as the ambient lighting is designed for general lighting. At kreon side, they note a growing success of the halogen 230 W, though now mainly investigated ultra-compact and light bulbs in the same form and with the same qualities as light bulbs. Once lit, these lamps reached in no time the maximum intensity.

LEDs are increasingly used. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (or electroluminescent diode) and an electronic component that is driven by electric current emits light. This tiny light source has very little energy. The excellent performance put more people committed to such sources to place, especially since them pretty tough and functional. We should add that the electroluminescent diodes can not replace traditional light sources. It is a very decorative form of lighting currently mainly used for a particular building element, such as the steps of a staircase, additional accent.

What the (lighting) devices, it is also attached great importance to the mobile lighting. Recently went the extra large lamps were introduced, lamps under their big umbrella all the atmosphere and warmth seem to want to hold. Other lamps than something poetic about it, some eyes very baroque and opulent, yet others have for one reason or another strong visual impact. All these qualities contribute to their own, very personal atmosphere in the house. In this way light affects our sense perception, our behavior and emotions.


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