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Mcitp Enterprise Administrator Certification Or Mcitp Server Administrator Which Is Best ?

Autor: Alec Cambell - Datum: August 24, 2013 07:28:31 AM

Kategorie: Internet

Microsoft MCITP Server Administrator and mcitp Enterprise Administrator are the most valuable certification in the field of it today. These Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Certifications are the gateway to your success in IT Industry. But which certification is best for you are cleared when you know step by step about the all detail of Microsoft MCITP Server Admin and MCITP Enterprise Admin certification. Everything you want to know about MCITP Server Administrator certification (MCSA 2008):- Exams Required to MCSA 2008 Certification:- Exam 70-640 TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring Exam 70-642 TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring Exam 70-646 PRO: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator Job Roles for MCSA 2008 Certified:- As Microsoft said, the MCITP Server Administrator cert will prepare you toward a job scenario in the subsequent areas: Windows server administrator Monitoring operator Server systems administrator Network administrator Topic Covered in MCSA 2008 Exams:- Below you will find the most important topics covered by each of the MCITP certifications, and if you wish additional detailed exam objectives simply follow the links to the precise exams above. For Mcitp Server Admin Certification you will require to know how to: Handle software distribution and updates Handle regular management of the server OS, file structure, and directory services Monitor servers Provide tier-2 troubleshooting support Create builds and configure the server Support engineering and change-management projects Implement the auditing policy Monitor logs for firewalls and intrusion-detection systems Perform scheduled vulnerability-assessment scans Everything you want to know about MCITP Entp. Admin certification (MCSE 2008):- Exams Required to MCSE 2008 Certification:- Exam 70-640 - Active Directory Configuration Exam 70-642 - Network Infrastructure Configuration Exam 70-643 - Applications Infrastructure Configuration Exam 70-647 - Enterprise Administrator And one of these exams: Exam 70-620 - Windows Vista Configuration Exam 70-624 - Business Desktop Deployment exam retired in October, 2010 Exam 70-680 - Windows 7 Configuration Exam 70-681 - Windows 7 and Office 2010 Deployment Job Roles for MCSE 2008 Certified:- MCITP: Enterprise Admin certification will get you ready for the subsequent roles: Enterprise systems administrator Enterprise security administrator IT systems manager Network administrator Systems architect Topic Covered in MCSE 2008 Exams:- Below you will find the most important topics covered by each of the MCITP certifications, and if you wish additional detailed exam objectives simply follow the links to the precise exams above. For Enterprise Administrator Mcitp Certification you required to know how to: Evaluate and suggest new technology solutions Design Windows Server infrastructures Serve as an acceleration point for infrastructure issues Extend client and server best practices for other teams, such as engineering, operations and development. Give assistance in implementing security policies that affect the infrastructure on multiple levels Keep policy current for authentication, identity, and access management Contribute in application reviews on security, and ensure that the applications adhere to standard security guidelines and practices. So Which Certification is Best to Achieve:- Which certification is best and easier? According to me MCITP Server Administrator certification (mcsa 2008) is quicker to get because you are only requisite to take 3 exams, compared to 5 exams to become an MCITP Enterprise Administrator. The excellent thing about the Server Admin certification path is that 2 of the necessary exams are also requisite for the MCITP Enterprise Admin certification. So when you achieve mcitp server administrator certification and want to earn a mcitp enterprise certification it will be a piece of cake. Therefore if pass 70-640 and 70-642 exam you will only need to pass 70-646 exam to achieve a server administrator certification. Where Do I Start? According to me best point to start with one of the require exams. So you should studying for and passing the 70-640 and 70-642 exam first. After that you can make a decision that it is valuable to you to achieve mcitp server admin certification first or if you want to continue with mcitp enterprise certification path. It up to you what path you choose for you career, these windows server 2008 certification help you to get you career goals.


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