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Autor: ooo207 - Datum: June 04, 2011 01:24:21 AM

Kategorie: Astrologie & Esoterik

Circle thinking, maybe, was glad, washing on my balcony loops slant the underwear hang the high, discount designer handbags, , whenever the wife calls chu to collect a small, small to wear underwear of chu next jump rope in garments to hold a jump, he is satisfied, and pretend what also don't know, sit on the hall to see a newspaper. Small chu most can playing, it for wife diao shoes to see wife combed a what hairstyle, wear the coat, nfl jerseys wholesale, eye only see what the shoes; So you put the shoes with a high playing on the sofa whole diao.

A circle and accompany a wife to go, and, of course, small chu, the street behind a lot of people and a circle found the same with wife also wearing shoes, the woman next step, deliberately slow to and that women together, he suddenly took up the wife petting and guide a shop window in the fashion, the two stop. Window Small chu I didn't know, sac main de marques, follow that women's shoes just ahead. They watched for a while and clothes, the wife calls: small ChuXiaoChu. No response, twist, small chu has followed looks that the woman, BuEr is broken with huan, a car across the street, a woman just raced leap flash, small and short legs, also catapulted chu, but just jumped behind the wheel, then be crushed.

In the suburbs to dig pit to bury the small chu, discounted louis vuitton purses, circle of wife put their shoes also buried in, circle didn't oppose, just think: the dog will only end is inferior to a person, with shoes go.


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