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Table lamps add illumination by night and jazz up the decor of a room during daytime

Autor: kent vogel - Datum: July 12, 2011 01:30:14 PM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

Table lamps and ceiling lighting fixtures add illumination by night and put a spark in the decor of a room by day. Just as their name suggests, a table lamp is meant to be displayed on a tabletop surface, or desk. It gives a consistent supply of light coverage while the shade prevents a harsh glare. The height of the lamp should be appropriate for the work surface, with the shade or cover distributing light evenly. Regardless of the style in the room, there are contemporary table lamps as well as antique table lamps that will perfectly carry the room’s flow, adding the function of light and beauty simultaneously.

While traditional ceiling lights fixtures can perform their function quite well, there are some features a table lamp can provide that a Tiffany table lamp may not. Sometimes it is really helpful to have a modern table lamp with a bendable goose neck feature or a light source on a hinge that can be moved into a specific position. Newer units also come with a lamp switch for table lamps that make it easy for those with arthritis or hand problems to turn on the light. Some lamps even allow users to control the amount of light with a dimmer. An in line lamp switch for table lamps allows adjustments to be made by simply sliding or rotating a knob.

Decorative table lamps do not have to be just for indoor use. An outdoor table lamp is made for use on patios with other outdoor furniture. Sturdy, well-crafted pieces made of durable resins allow these light sources to be used in the outer elements all year round. A sturdy guard protects the light bulb from rain and other elements and the cord is protected by a heavy yet flexible resin. A number of looks and finishes can be found that will match any outdoor patio theme, from classic themes to the exotic.

On-line resources are a best bet for locating anything from the unique Quoizel table lamp to the standard yet extraordinary Tiffany table lamps when searches through other venues have been exhausted. Websites that offer discount table lamps are also a great way for one to keep from going over a set budget. Crystal table lamps costing hundreds per unit may be found for less than half the price elsewhere, leaving extra cash in the buyer’s pocket. Lamps with special features such as dimmers, hi-lo settings or timers can also be easily found.


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