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Redecorate your home with wall lights

Autor: kent vogel - Datum: July 12, 2011 01:30:54 PM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus

Lighting makes all the difference in the world when it comes to shapes, illusions and ambiance. Photographers pay great importance to it when taking shots as it can make or break a picture. Homes too rely on lighting to give the illusion of space and aesthetics. However, knowledge of lighting is important as the wrong choice can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

When choosing lights for homes, it is important to have a bit of know-how about reflection and shadows. With a bit of manipulation, you can choose to make rooms look big or small and glaring or mellow. Design also plays a role where you can select from a variety of styles, from vintage to contemporary. For instance, wall lights can add dimensions to a room with subtle shadows, for instance, to a corner you don’t particularly like. Decorative ones can also add design to a room instead of wall hangings or paintings, helping to break the space of a boring wall.

Floor lamps too can be used as a design concept or to add light to a room. They tend to concentrate a lot of light in reading areas or dark spaces and corners. Most are contemporary looking in design which can give your home a more modern look. What is also great with wall lights and floor lamps is that you can choose your light color to blend with the color of your walls. Say you have a plain white wall but your wall hangings or paintings aren’t enough to break the monotony. Get yourself a golden, lavender or green glow to throw some color on your wall.

Before choosing your style, do an assessment of your house. What look are you going for? Traditional, vintage, retro or contemporary? Also keep in mind energy efficiency as you want to save costs in the long run. If you have extra cash to spend, hire someone who knows about lighting and color combinations. Remember, good lighting can give even an ordinary looking home a huge makeover and it’s cheaper than redecorating. Why waste a fortune on designers when you can do it yourself and have fun doing it at the same time?


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