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Leuchten Ė For Contemporary and edgy for a modern look

Autor: Tammy Berg - Datum: September 05, 2011 09:59:14 AM

Kategorie: Heim Garten Haus


In today’s age of fast growing buildings, there is a need to retain esthetics. Gone are the days when architects would labor over the minutest of details to create structures and rooms that were one of a kind. With the expanding population, buildings and homes are coming up faster than ever. What can be done, however, to make sure that interiors look good is to pay attention to lighting or leuchten.

Leuchten - Plays A Crucial Role In Making Or Breaking

Whether outside or in, leuchten play a crucial role in making or breaking the look and feel of a house. A fancy home with poor lighting or leuchten does nothing for appearance while a simple home with well placed and stylish lighting can transform it into something totally different. But how do you choose the best manufacturer who can give you the best designs as well as take care of the utilitarian aspects?

Enter Foscarini, the Italian lighting or leuchten giant, whose attention to detail and quality has made it a leader in the industry. The company takes the help of reputed designers to create products that are much sought after. Among its ceiling leuchten, Foscarini has Gregg, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. What makes it unique is that it can also be used as a wall leuchten, with its satiny, white glow lending an ethereal feel. The Twiggy, meanwhile, is part of its range of ceiling leuchten which gives direct lighting to the surface below. It can also be rotated to 330.

Leuchten - Contemporary In Look

Table leuchten by Foscarini are contemporary in look and are designed to give you maximum lighting. The Coco is a blown glass leuchten that has soft curves with a metal base. It comes in ruby red and white and would go well with a room that is minimalistic in design. The Stud is a good choice for those with an edgy personality. The studded metal structure and the metal nails at the base is a perfect addition to a room with a rock and roll personality and theme.

Foscarini’s range of products and styles are too vast to be penned down in a few words. For a better understanding of its innovative leuchten, check out its website or look up a search engine. You’ll be amazed at the diversity and beauty of its creations.


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