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Edelstahlrohr in Eastern Europe

Autor: edward charles - Datum: March 07, 2012 04:48:22 AM

Kategorie: Bildung & Ausbildung

If you are an industrial maintenance engineer or maintenance manager for a food and beverage or other process plant in Eastern Europe, one of the best sites you could ever visit would be that of Schweisstechnik. Take your time and browse through the small but dynamic website and note the list of reputable international customers that contract the company on a regular base.

The home page of the website will give you a general overview of what the company offers with some basic design pictures and drawings. Here the visitor will also find contact detail for the company, and links to other parts of the site. Of interest would be the picture gallery, displaying past projects the company worked on. Based in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia), Schweisstechnik is dedicated to serving the process industry of Eastern Europe, in terms of maintaining process equipment and plant support subsystems. The company specializes in the maintenance, repair, and installation of edelstahlrohr piping valves and holding tanks. To this end, Schweisstechnik employs only the latest trendsetting installation equipment and experienced staff.

The site also provides some guidelines on the maintenance practices as applies to edelstahlrohr material forming and welding which would be of particular interest to maintenance personnel. The creator of the website, Chris Otto, decided on a classic layout with the minimum of links to other sites and pages- allowing only the bare minimum of advertising and mention of the company's suppliers in Belgrade. Therefore the site is small but compact and dynamic. Original design was done using Microsoft Frontpage. This is a simple user-friendly interface and allows the user to create and publish website effortlessly without the need of engaging in lengthy Java Scripting and coding. Final publishing was done via FTP to the company's web hosting server.


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